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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  July 13, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> i'm pat lawson muse. some metro riders had a tough time getting into and out of the station. none of the escalators at the north entrance worked and one escalator at the south entrance was working. for anyone who has made that climb, it is not easy. >> reporter: it is the second day in a row that folks who ride the dupont circle metro have trouble making it up the steps. some passengers are saying it is taking too long. immaterial is a situation leaving metro passengers breathless. >> exhausted. >> reporter: and flat-out frustrated. metro workers are getting an earful. >> every single day. every single day. it is too expensive. the metro not very good transportation. not very good. the bus, metro late, every
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single day. >> reporter: since monday morning passengers exiting due upon circle either one or none of the escalators are working. more than 120 steps to climb. problems started monday morning and escalated when smoke was seen during the evening rush. it was a scene so frustrating and sometimes chaotic. some passengers posted what it looked like on twitter. passengers found a hole waiting for them at the top. >> they are not that well organized. they split the two escalators, have you walk up one, walk down the other. you can't fix more than one at a time. >> we should be riding free. you do nothing about it. it is utterly ridiculous. this is not the first time. >> reporter: after this morning's rush hour was over,
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metro sent out an alert saying all escalators at the north entrance were out. one escalator at the south entrance was working. as repairs continue, so does the frustration. >> we should not have to pay to use dupont circle. this is never going to be fixed. i'm tired of paying for no service. >> metro officials say they have no timeline for when the repairs will be complete but say they are working on it. >> metro service has not been interrupted during the outages. a teenager accused of stealing a metro bus and taking it on a joyride over the weekend says he is sorry. jackson is accused of taking the bus and crashing it into a tree in southeast. police tell us jackson dressed up as a bus driver and pick up people along the bus route. why did he do it and where did
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he get the uniform? pat collins has the answers live at 5:00. turning to the weather, it turned like pea soup today. >> it did. sticky, humid, the muggies were back, veronica. >> dew point is sky high, upper 60s to around 70s. the atmosphere is loaded up like a very wet sponge. with any showers that we get and embedded thunderstorms we could be looking at localized heavy rain here. as a matter of fact, there is a flash flood watch up for the overnight period for these counties, for the district, fairfax, howard, montgomery and anne arundel. on radar you can see where the showers are west of the area. they are making their way east and northeastward toward our area. there will be more thunderstorms coming our way. a severe thunderstorm warning
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near lexington, south and west of charlottesville. clinton picked up over an inch of rain. we could see one to two inches overnight. best chance comes around 7:00 p.m., it picks up in intensity in the overnight period. a wet one. we'll talk about the return of the 90-degree high temperatures in a few minutes. many people in the washington area spent this day cleaning up damage caused by storms that hit us overnight. >> an explosion, a crack and a crash. this woman heard all three from her second story bedroom. >> a huge explosion with a lot more sparks. that was big. >> reporter: they lost power, but far more concerned about the man driving this van. >> the two trees looked like they came down on the power
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lines. when the car was coming it looked like he didn't see it in time and he hit the branch. >> reporter: the driver of this van was making his last delivery when he was looking out at the night sky and all he saw was a giant shadow falling in front of him. he managed to get out and told the neighbor nearby as he managed to get out, i'm glad i'm alive. this man says he slept through the racket. four times in one year a tree has fallen. >> four times. each time they fall down they cut the power. >> reporter: massive trees fell from north military road in arlington to aptly named broad branch road in northwest. connecticut and east-west highway light was dark for a time. the detour via jones mill causing a few drivers to veer
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off course. how was the traffic? >> it wasn't too bad, until now. >> reporter: screeching of tifrs at this closure. neighbors shared generators, swapped stories and counted the powerless hours as they passed. >> part of the reason it is going to take so long to get power back on, crews have to cut the power and remove the three giant trees from the road and think about restoring power to the people who lost it at 1:00 a.m. meanwhile, crews in montgomery county continue to deal with broken water pipes. a 24-inch water main burst in potomac on south glen road near norton road. about a block from the spot where a main broke last week. the city of rockville owns the pipe. so far there have been no service disruptions reported.
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rescue teams had to use a crane to help an injured construction worker out of a building in downtown city on new york avenue near fourth street northwest. the man was working on the 11th floor when he hurt his leg. the building is under construction, they weren't able to carry him down the stairs. the fire department attached a basket to the crane and lifted him safely to the street. the man is expected to be okay. an autopsy will determine if remains found in fairfax county are, in fact, human. someone made the discovery on furnace road near route one in electoraton last night. the person found several bones including what appears to be a human skull. there is no word on how long to determine if the remains are human. police are asking anyone with information to please call them.
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this is a critical day in the gulf of mexico. bp crews are testing the new, tighter cap. this is the strongest effort yet to control the oil that has been gushing into the waters for 85 days now. jay gray is in venice, louisiana, with the latest. >> reporter: it is a critical day on the floor of the gulf with a new tighter fitting cap over the leaking riser, engineers are testing the seal and the integrity of the well. >> a complicated operation. >> reporter: the plan is to slowly close valves including this choke line. >> at that point no hydrocarbons will be exiting from the capping stack. we will take pressure readings. >> reporter: if the pressure readings are high and the stack holds for roughly six hours it could signal the new effort is
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working. then testing could continue up to 48 hours. if the pressure drops that could mean there is another leak in the well. >> certainly capping it is the utmost importance because then we can stop the flow of oil. >> reporter: charter captain mike barnett like so many who made their living in the waters is cautiously optimistic but quick to point out, the end of the oil flow won't be the end of this disaster or the devastation by those affected by the spill. >> there are a lot of uncertain ties as far as our fisheries, our livelihood and what is going to happen in the future as far as all of us. >> reporter: that future like the success of the latest containment effort is just like the waters here, murky, at best. now depending on what happens with the pressure testing, bp could contain the oil to the containment ships waiting on the surface. jay gray, venice, louisiana.
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the help lure skiddish tourists. many hotels are offering guarantees. resort quest says guests can get a full refund if they can't use the beach. marriott, hilton and intercontinental will give you your money back as well. remember a baseball legend. yankees' owner george steinbrenner has died. safety concerns over a popular diabetes drug. whether avandia should be available. a growing number of air travelers are containing about tmi, too much information being revealed by the body scanners.
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he was an owner who sometimes grabbed as many headlines as his team and wanted to win at all costs. new york yankees owner george steinbrenner died this morning at the age of 80. we have a look at his legacy. >> reporter: george steinbrenner owned the dominant franchise in major league baseball. >> the new york yankees, world
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champions. >> reporter: the new york yankees boss was a dominating and polarizing boss. >> he got the job done. >> reporter: a fortune made with his family's shipping business he bought a once proud but struggling yankees franchise in 1973 for $8.7 million. he often sparked tensions with his players and managers including the fiery billy martin. >> he maybe made a small mistake. >> reporter: known as the boss by those around him demanded success. he got it. 11 american league pennants. including a win over ted turner's flant braves in 1999. >> when you defeat a guy who is your hero like ted turner, it is sweet. >> reporter: his sons took on larger roles in the franchise. >> he has a soft side. he has a hard side. he was a great father.
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he was different as a boss. steinbrenner added a jewel with the opening of the new yankee stadium. flowers honored steinbrenner mere minutes after his passing. >> he is the yankees to me. >> and to many other sports fans as well. >> steinbrenner's death was the second in three days to rock the yankee. bob sheppard, the revered public address announcer died sunday at age 99. pat? >> the young man known as the barefoot bandit pleaded guilty in the bahamas to entering the country illegally. the judge ordered colton harris-moore to play 300 bucks. he recommended moore be deported immediately. moore on saturday night was allegedly scoping out boats to
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steal. he was armed and barefoot. he returned to take off in a 32-foot fishing boat. after an exchange of fire firms took him into custody. it is unclear when moore will be sent back to the u.s. he is accused of # 00 crimes in eight states. critics kplam the full body scanners at airports are too intrusive and worried they can be harmful to your health. they use x-rays to get a full view of the passenger's body. there are 133 installed with plans for a thousand more. frequent flyers complain the machines take five times as long to pass through and the low doses of x-rays could be harmful to health in the long run. well, still ahead this afternoon -- a look at traffic with ashley linder. hey, ash. >> hey, guys. we are starting you off with
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some slow track not very shockingly. let's look at 270, northbound on the spur past democracy boulevard. you have company. no major accidents to talk about, just a lot of congestion as we take a spin around the capital beltway, inner and outer loop stacked up. here is the pace toward connecticut avenue, the inner loop, very heavy. fear not. after, well, this really isn't exciting news, but the inner loop past university boulevard very heavy. around green belt the pace does approve. no major accidents this afternoon just plain heavy early. jim and pat, back to you. when we come right back, a strange new twist with the stepmother in the case of a missing 7-year-old from oregon. now comes word of a sexual relationship she had with a friend of the child's father. a former navy man takes a
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bad turn and beaches his boat. turns out he happens to be a former president.
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well, i got a steam bath
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today, what about you? >> yeah. it was so sticky out there. >> yeah. i got one, too. did you get one? >> it is so wet. >> yeah. yeah. the air filled with a lot of moisture. i tell you what, i will take this, the high humidity, i'll take the rain, the crazy storms that we had overnight. i will take that over last week for sure. that is an easy one. we are talking about more heavy rain overnight. pat, i'm sorry you were at a location that got rocked last night. there could be more storm damage in a few locations. hard to tell where because these are thunderstorms that kind of fire at will in certain areas. one thing i can tell you, other neighborhoods will get heavy rain, one to two-inch rains during the overnight period under one of these intense storms. the sky, mostly cloudy skies, 84, the dew point is 71 degrees. that is what we are talking
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about. rainfall already today .34 inches. 9:00, 1 1rks showers and embedded thunderstorms. same tomorrow morning. 75 degrees at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. here we are. here is the leading edge of all of this, approaches front royal, shenandoah, far doub to the south and west where the lightning is. the counties in green is where the potential of flooding, prince william, fairfax, montgomery, anne arundel county. western culpeper county you have showers. the heavy stuff comes overnight. 10:00 p.m., 11:00 p.m. gaithersburg, maryland, an inch of rain. 86 is your current temperature.
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.41 inches of rain in springfield. there is the cold front that will be moving through. 70 degrees, the dew point temperature in cincinnati, 71 in st. louis. moisture laden air could get locally heavy rains with the system coming through overnight. high pressure will start building in still tomorrow there is a 40% chance we could have an afternoon shower or thunder shower. that comes again mainly after some showers early in the morning that will be winding down about 5:00, 6:00 a.m. 70, 75 degrees. 87 to 91. the 90s, i don't know if you like that, but they do return for the remainder of the work week. >> all right. just can't seem to strike a balance and stay with it. >> i'm glad i don't have to forecast a couple of hundred-degree days. >> all righty. love on the rocks highlights this week's new releases out on dvd.
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>> jennifer aniston and gerard butler star in "the bounty hunter." he is hired to put his ex-wife behind bars. when the bad guys come after both of them they massachusetts reunite to save themselves. it is rated pg-13. wedding bells set off alarm bells in "our family wedding." two overbearing dads are thrown together when their respective kids announce their engagement. the movie tries to bring truth to the saying when you marry someone you marry the whole family. it is rated pg-13. she never experienced love or any kind of positive relationship with anybody. >> she played bad girl chloe. she plays a call girl hired by julian moore to test her
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husband's fidelity. the husband played by lian knee sam takes the bait. then the call girl reports all the juicy details back to her. chloe is rated "r." coming up on news 4 at 4:00, a new and scary twist in the case of an abducted child found safe and sound. a newly released audio tape, an enraged mel gibson, so angry he can hard i will catch his breath. imagine if it were this easy to spot the good guys.
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welcome back to news 4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. in the news at 4:30, people spent the day cleaning up after violent storms swept through our areas. in chevy chase the closure of east-west highway during the morning rush hour. >> bp will know whether the new containment cap on the broken oil well is working in the next 12 to 48 hours. they will slowly shut down the other valves and watch for leaking. metro riders did more stair climbing at the dupont circle
4:29 pm
station. the north entrance was shut down after smoke started pouring from an escalator there. the long-time owner of the new york yankees, george steinbrenner has died. he suffered a heart attack in tampa, florida, where he died this morning. he was 80 years old. new a chilling details in the kidnapping case in alisa meyer, abducted from missouri last week. her kidnapper and convicted sex offender may have been more dangerous than first thought. jeff rossen reports. >> reporter: it is a sight to behold, this past weekend 4-year-old alissa meyer played with her family, unaware of how close she came to the end. >> an amber alert out of louisiana, missouri. monday july 5th she is
4:30 pm
kidnapped off her front lawn playing with her 6-year-old brother. the man takes off with her in a black car. that is basically all police know. by tuesday the dragnet is on from the air to the ground. then the unexpected. the mystery man who took her away suddenly dropped her off unhurt at this car wash, 70 miles from home. >> all she did was look down at the ground and stare at the wall. >> reporter: the kidnapper changed her clothes and cut her hair to look like a boy. she was reunited statesed by her family and examined by doctors. no physical signs of abuse. wednesday morning her abductor was on the loose. police used surveillance video to identify a suspect, paul s. smith, a convicted sex offender who sodomized a boy in 2005. when police arrived he was spray
4:31 pm
painting his car a different color and then he shot and killed himself. >> i can sum it up in two words. it's over. >> reporter: on thursday three days after this nightmare began, the happy homecoming, sporting her boyish hair cut alissa snapped into toddler mode, within minutes she was running around and riding the bike in the very spot she was abducted. now a new scary twist. the accused kidnapper may have murdered a man. a nearby auto shop owner two days before grabbing alissa. investigators don't know why. watching alissa, so full of life, so happy, for now her parents have all the answers they need. >> alissa, her mother, dad, grandfather and mother appeared on the "today" show. she hugged and played with her teddy bear while her father
4:32 pm
described how happy they are she is alive and well. >> what was it like when you reeye nighted? >> i was overjoyed. the first thing she asked was where's blake? >> did you know that, blake? the first thing she wanted to know is where you were? you must be a cool big brother. >> family said alissa has shared only bits and piecing of what happened in the 26 hours, nothing significant. they do not plan to pressure her about it. they figure when she is ready to talk she will. the investigation into the disappearance of 7-year-old kyron horman takes another strange twist. his stepmother says she will not contest a court filing that will force her to leave the family's home in portland, oregon. kyron's father, cane, who left the house last month and filed
4:33 pm
for divorce and a restraining order after police told him his wife tried to hire someone to kill him last year. she started a sexual relationship with one of his childhood friends and shared confidential information from the sealed restraining order with her new boyfriend, the address where cane horman has been living with his and teri's 20-month-old daughter. >> if teri horman is the girl next door, you live in a creepy neighborhood. >> he has been missing since june 4th. police have not named teri horman a suspect but they believe she is involved in his disappearance and did not act alone. if you don't like the way he pilots his ship, stay off the beach. see what happened to a navy man who has traveled some rough waters. we'll show you how the
4:34 pm
strange -- how strange some people are. how they are having a ball. a new fad that is sweeping the globe.
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a rough go for former president george herbert walker bush. he accidentally beached his boat yesterday up in maine. his 38-foot boat, fidelity four was caught in a wave and pushed against the beach. it was pulled into the water and an assistant piloted back. the former president was not hurt, a former pilot in the u.s. navy in world war ii. >> that is a good thing. back here we're dealing with some water concerns. >> water concerns, indeed. >> some of the neighborhoods in the overnight could see heavy rain. i'm happy to say right now, guys, we do not have a severe thunderstorm watch or any severe thunderstorm warnings. take a look at this loop. this is our mid atlantic view, from pennsylvania down to northern north carolina. see that spin there?
4:38 pm
that is low pressure coming up through west virginia. watch it again. that is the weathermaker running through our area overnight. where the heavy rain is northern west virginia, western maryland and coming up i-81. down around i-81, roanoke where there have been a handful of warnings where there is a severe thunderstorm watch. it is after 6:00 p.m. we go under the flash flood watch with heavy rain. 84 degrees, winds at nine miles an hour out of the south. by 9:00 we could have a few heavy thunderstorms around here. 78 your temperature. watching for flooding. any time after 9:00 going past the midnight hour. then by tomorrow morning when the sun comes up, overcast skies, still some showers possible. 75. but i think a lot of this rain is going to start wrapping up by the time we get to 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. tomorrow morning. 90 is the high temperature for
4:39 pm
tomorrow. we are plenty humid and hot, back to 90 degrees. there is a risk of a few passing showers and thundershowers for tomorrow afternoon. 91 degrees the high temperature for thursday. sunshine, less humid, one of the best days out of the work week as we get more sunshine here and warmth back up to 90 degrees. 92 for friday. a few passing afternoon thunderstorms. a 30% chance right now. on saturday a 40% chance for some showers and storms. i know there were some games last saturday that got rained out. i don't think that will be the case this upcoming saturday. we will drop to the 80s. and in the 80s, too, in sunday. taking the rain out for sunday. a split weekend 50-50, back in the 90s for the early part of the week. you can get the forecast at the weather channel on cable or >> the grass is greening up.
4:40 pm
>> the grass is greening up. coming up at 5:00, we will talk about the rainfall deficit and how we have been making some really good headway getting rid of that deficit, wiping it away. >> thanks. coming up, safety concerns have federal health officials investigating the popular diabetes drug. coming up, croc talk. one man's adventure after drinking that gave him more than a hang
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in the next 24 hours fda advisers could vote to yank the diabetes drug avandia off the market. the panel members have their work cut. drug companies and the fda have come up with conflicting data about the safety of the drug. erica edwards has more on the meeting of the major test of the fda's ability to handle controversy. >> reporter: it is not typical for an fda commissioner to address a committee. food and drug administration untypical experience shows how serious the fda is taking this meeting. in 2007 avandia was given a black box warning after studies found it increased heart problems. a narrow vote from fda advisers kept it on the market. a new panel is reviewing and
4:44 pm
potentially going to pull the drug. coming to a conclusion depends on whose interpretation of the data they use. researchers with aand hava's maker glaxo smith kline says diabetes need treatment. independent researchers say the heart risks are too steep. >> continuing marketing cannot be medically or ethically justified. >> reporter: normally panel members have clear data to review from the fda before they make their decision. >> having changed some of the data he provides analyses and comments. >> reporter: dr. hamburg had one piece of advice for panel members. >> follow the science wherever it leads and the rest will fall into place. >> reporter: a task proven easier said than done.
4:45 pm
the panel has been asked to decide whether the drug should stay on the market with additional warnings or pulled from the shelves completely. the fda is not required to follow the advice of the advisory committee. there is evidence that working out can keep your body and mind fit. a new long-term study out looked at 1,200 seniors. researchers found those who got in moderate to heavy workouts had a 40% less risk of developing dementia. listen up, guys. the findings were more pronounced in men. here is another possible way to ward off dementia, get more vitamin "e" in your diet. a study from dutch researchers is suggesting. 5,000 adults didn't have any dementia symptoms at first but
4:46 pm
after ten years those with more vitamin "e" reduced risk of alzheimer's by 25%. still to come -- a court challenge over delays to getting rid of the military's don't ask, don't tell policy. want to expand your sphere of influence.
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nfl hall of fame linebacker lawrence taylor pleaded not guilty to rape charges. he is accused of assaulting a 16-year-old girl at a hotel in may. he faces rape, patronizing a prostitute and endangering a child. the super bowl champ is free on $75,000 bail. if convicted he would face up to four years in prison. the military's don't ask, don't tell law faces a legal challenge by a republican gau rights group. the log cabin republicans. they are frustrated with the obama policy not repealing the ban. they are asking a judge in southern california to declare the policy unconstitutional. the trial is expected to last two weeks. a mixup might keep the
4:50 pm
iroqua from playing in a lacrosse tournament. they don't have u.s. issued passports. the nine day championship games start on thursday and are considered the olympics of lacrosse. the team is at kennedy airport hoping to get things squared away to play england on thursday. when news 4 at 4:00 continues, mel's meltdown another leaked recording. this one has mel seeming to admit punches h ex-girlfriend in the face. one man's bad decision includes too many drink and a crocodile. coming up on news 4 at 5:00 a teenager accused of stealing a plet row bus and taking it for a joyride says he is sorry. we have an exclusive interview with this 19-year-old. the surprise suspect who was arrested, accused of swiping
4:51 pm
people's purses at local grocery stores. an olympic swimmer who nearly drowned as a child. he is in our area hoping to save lives and urging lawmakers to do certain things to keep kids safe in pools. good afternoon. here is what we've got in store. we have delays. misleading, it looks great in this camera. up towards the top of your screen you see company heading into newington. it is heavy towards electoraton. as we spin around the capital beltway, fine at new hampshire avenue. we have delays not towards sandty point or anything like that, but as you do travel around the capital belta, the inner loop is slow around tyson,
4:52 pm
the outer loop is slow around the wilson bridge. stay tuned.
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4:54 pm
what would it take to get you to ride a crocodile? it took a lot of drinks for an australian guy, too many drinks. he was on vacation in northwestern australia. he got so drunk at a bar he was
4:55 pm
asked to lee. so he went to a nearby crocodile park and got in a cage with fatso. he wasn't giving any ride. he gave the tourist a whupping. the park owner has no sympathy. >> if you are stupid enough to jump in with a crocodile and sit on it, it is your loss. >> stupid enough or drunk enough. the tourist suffered severe lacerations to his legs. police are not releasing his name. they say he suffered enough. the extreme sport called zorbing has arrived in india. the big ball bouncing down the hill, there is someone strapped inside it. the ball can reach speeds as high as 25 miles an hour. the sport is catching on. organizers think it will attract big crowds in india. a new tape has surfaced that is reported to be oscar winner
4:56 pm
mel gibson verbally lashing out at the mother of his youngest child. it is much more violent in tone. if it is authentic it could be a blow to the actor. here is nbc's kristen walker. >> i'll put you in a [ bleep ] rose garden. you understand that because i'm capable of it. you understand that get a [ bleep ] restraining order. >> reporter: it is another profanity laced rant. radar online released the audio recording says ill is gibson lashing out as hi ex-girlfriend grigorieva. >> i will make your life miserable, all right. >> you need medication. >> you need a bat to the side of the head. all right. how about that?
4:57 pm
you need a [ bleep ] doctor. you need a [ bleep ] brain transplant. >> he is so filled with rage he pauses only to catch his breath. >> [ bleep ] don't you dare hang up on me. >> i can't listen to this anymore. >> reporter: friday radar online released a similar recording of him verbally berating her. this second tape is far more violent in nature and the actor admits to hitting his ex. >> what kind of man is that, hitting a woman who is holding a child. breaking her teeth twice in the face. >> you're all angry now. >> you are going to answer one day. >> everybody wants to love mel gibson. he played such great characters. ate the end of the day i listen to this tape and say this man is an angry, hateful batterer.
4:58 pm
this guy will be a criminal. >> reporter: grigorieva told police gibson punched her in the face knocking out two of her teeth. claims the actor has denied. gibson is staying mum about the tapes. >> if the tape is what it appears to be it is devastating evidence against mel gibson, with respect to domestic violence, child custody, he can forget about that and the possibility of them charging to threaten his ex-girlfriend. >> you hang up i'm coming over there. >> i'll call the police. you weak [ bleep ]. you call the cops. that is news 4 at 4:00. news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. a teenager accused of stealing a metro bus and taking it on a joyride over the weekend
4:59 pm
says he's sorry tonight. good evening, everybody. welcome to news 4 at 5:00. i'm jim handly. >> i'm wendy rieger. 19-year-old william jackson is accused of hopping behind the wheel of a bus and crashing it into a tree in southeast with passengers onboard. the suspect is speaking only to our pat collins. pat, what did he say? >> reporter: wendy, we talked to one of his friends. we talked to a woman he calls his godmother. we talked to alleged bogus bus driver himself. this is what we learned today. his goes to the duke ellington school of performing arts. >> he is a great singer. he has a great voice and a good heart. >> reporter: for more than two years he's worked a part-time job at the eastern market for linda brown. how would you describe him? >> gentle, very caring. co


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